Anhui Dongjin Renewable Resource technology Co., Ltd was founded in Nov, 2010, The Company mainly engaged in production and sale of regeneration polyester fiber, textile products etc. It is the first batch enterprise of Department of Industry and Information Technology that Conform to the standard condition of the regeneration chemical fiber (polyester). We have awarded as the High-tech enterprises in Anhui Province, Enterprise technology center in Anhui Province, high-Special-new enterprises in Anhui Province, and Strategic alliance of technological innovation of regenerative plastics industry in Anhui. 


Company Qualification

In 2016, cooperated with hefei university of technology and jointly undertook the major science and technology project of anhui province, the project of "preparation and application of recycled polyester high-modulus low-shrinkage fiber", and the technology of "key technology and application of recycled polyester anti-static fiber" won the second prize of fuyang science and technology progress award. At the same time to meet the needs of the market, we strive to develop products that are ahead of the technical level of the industry

Enterprise Style

The company integrates scientific research, production and trade, and has years of research and development experience of new fibers. Through cooperation with anhui university, hefei university of technology, tianjin university of technology and other famous universities, a stable product chain of development, supply, production and sales has been established in production and sales practice.


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    时隔一年,东锦科技 再上央视。 东锦资源,环保先锋 再生循环,永续使命 Only one earth, care and share 发展循环经济, 东锦重任在肩!
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Address: Fanxing-4 RD, Guangwu industrial zone, Jieshou City, Anhui PRC




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